David Britton

David Britton
Vice President of Industry Solutions

As one of the very first Internet fraud investigators, David Britton played central roles in the development of cutting edge fraud prevention technologies with several leaders in the E-Commerce space including and He brings a wealth of experience to his current position and a unique insight into the criminal methodology behind Internet payment fraud.

At OnSale and Egghead, Mr. Britton was responsible for significantly reducing and maintaining some of the lowest fraud loss numbers since the companies' inception. And at a time when most merchants had not yet contemplated fraud prevention tools, he was already encouraging the implementation of an expert investigative team and the creation of systems and processes to combat fraud.

Prior to joining 41st Parameter, Mr. Britton was a private consultant to various fraud prevention enterprises and the former director of training at CrediView, Inc., where he developed Internet fraud prevention training courses for merchant fraud and customer service teams. He has been a featured speaker at industry events, and has authored numerous papers concerning anti-fraud measures.