The role of balanced fraud prevention in today’s Omnichannel environment
8/12/2014 Archived Recording

Original broadcast: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Duration: 1 Hour

Criminals are changing their tactics for bigger paydays
Cyber criminals have become more proficient at stealing data and account credentials. Criminals have learned that they can achieve bigger monetary gains over longer periods of time through undetected access and maintaining a persistent, long-term presence in critical business environments.

Learn to identify, authenticate and prevent fraud
Join our panel of experts and learn how to navigate these complex and evolving cyber risks within your organization, without sacrificing the customer experience or increasing security vulnerabilities.

Our panel will explore:

  • Trends in identity and online fraud
  • Strategies and tactics to fine-tune fraud risk practices
  • How to apply intelligence to identify risks before they occur
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Demystifying Malware: Understanding the True Risks

Demystifying Malware: Understanding the True Risks
Presented by: David Britton
Vice President of Industry Solutions
41st Parameter, a Part of Experian
View this webinar to learn more about the ever-evolving malware threat landscape and what you really need to do to make sure your customers and your business remain protected. This webinar covers the following:

  1. Malware Overview
  2. Anti-virus vs. Fraud Detection
  3. Attack Methods
  4. 41st Parameter’s Approach to Detecting Malware
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Surveillance and Fraud Staging

Surveillance and fraud staging are the seemingly benign and often-transparent account activities that fraudsters undertake after an account has been compromised but before that compromise has been detected or money is moved.

The Ghost Army - Protecting your business and your customers from data breaches

According to recent studies, nearly one half of all American adults - 110 million - have had their data stolen, opening the door to malicious use by fraudsters.

How do you protect your business? What do you need to do to defend against an unregulated, networked enemy of ghosts? How can you protect your customers? Read this whitepaper authored by Mike Gross, Director of Risk Strategy and Professional Services, then download this complimentary infographic to learn what you can do now.

The Growing Threats of Cyber Crime

Five trends and takeaways to keep your organization protected from large-scale cyber crime attacks.

Mobile Banking: Fraud Risks and Solutions

Best practices for understanding the specific risks associated with mobile banking – from mobile web to mobile applications – and how to best keep your business and your customers protected.

Protecting Online Commerce from Organized Fraud

How leading-edge merchants maintain high order- approval rates while keeping chargebacks in check.

Know Your Enemy

How financial institutions are leveraging new recognition and tracking capabilities to detect online fraud ring activity.

Maximum Security Online: Best Practices for Designing the Ultimate Online Security Strategy

Best Practices for Designing the Ultimate Online Security Strategy.

Catching the fraudulent 'Man-in-the-Middle' and 'Man-in-the-Browser'

There is pressure on companies to detect fraud perpetrated by the new generation of cyber-fraudsters who are becoming adept at impersonating genuine customers.


FraudNet for Account Opening

With over 55 million households banking online, the Internet has fundamentally changed how banks interact with their customers.

FraudNet for Account Takeover

FraudNet for Account Takeover is a comprehensive fraud management application designed to provide early warning of account takeover activities.

FraudNet for Transactions

FraudNet is a powerful application capable of analyzing every e-commerce transaction and determining the level of risk represented by the choice to fulfill it.

FraudNet for Travel Overview

Managing Fraud Threats in the Travel Industry. Reducing Fraud While Lowering Review Rates and Bad Debt Write-Offs.

41st Parameter Mobile Overview

In a world where people are increasingly reliant on a variety of internet-connected devices detecting and preventing online fraud are constant business challenges.


Global Bank Preempts Elusive Wire Fraud with 41st Parameter

To improve its fraud detection processes, a leading global bank turned to 41st Parameter to further reduce losses while improving investigator productivity.

Premiere E-Commerce Website Aggregator Stops Gift Card Fraud with 41st Parameter

A leading e-commerce aggregator for multiple retail clients, experienced fraudulent gift cards being submitted for high ticket items. They turned to 41st for assistance.

Luxury Goods Retailer Slashes Chargeback Rates by 50% - Reduces Online Theft with FraudNet

This major retailer’s e-commerce division was successfully defending against online fraud using a well designed and thorough in-house developed system.

Top 5 US Bank Reduces Online Deposit Account Opening Fraud by $300K

A top 5 US bank experienced fraudulent new account applications. Looking to minimize losses while protecting their existing customers, they turned to 41st Parameter.


Gift Card Fraud

Loyalty Fraud Infographic

Worldwide ATM Cyber Attack Infographic

The Growing Threats of Cyber Crime


HackSurfer Hangout on Fraud and Cybercrime

Jeff Peters of Hacksurfer and our own Ori Eisen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Are you prepared for the war against online fraud?

In light of recent data breaches and the anonymity of the internet, cybercriminals have the perfect disguise. But you can rest assured knowing that you have an ally on your side. These informative videos highlight three challenges many businesses face and provide suggestions on how organizations can leverage proven technology that meets today’s challenges and also adapt to future risks.