White Papers

Surveillance and Fraud Staging

Surveillance and fraud staging are the seemingly benign and often-transparent account activities that fraudsters undertake after an account has been compromised but before that compromise has been

The Ghost Army - Protecting your business and your customers from data breaches

According to recent studies, nearly one half of all American adults - 110 million - have had their data stolen, opening the door to malicious use by fraudsters.

The Growing Threats of Cyber Crime

Five trends and takeaways to keep your organization protected from large-scale cyber crime attacks.

Mobile Banking: Fraud Risks and Solutions

Best practices for understanding the specific risks associated with mobile banking – from mobile web to mobile applications – and how to best keep your business and your customers protected.

Catching the fraudulent 'Man-in-the-Middle' and 'Man-in-the-Browser'

There is pressure on companies to detect fraud perpetrated by the new generation of cyber-fraudsters who are becoming adept at impersonating genuine customers.

Maximum Security Online: Best Practices for Designing the Ultimate Online Security Strategy

Best Practices for Designing the Ultimate Online Security Strategy.

Know Your Enemy

How financial institutions are leveraging new recognition and tracking capabilities to detect online fraud ring activity.

Protecting Online Commerce from Organized Fraud

How leading-edge merchants maintain high order- approval rates while keeping chargebacks in check.