Fraud Prevention for eCommerce

Beginning with our first customers in 2005, 41st Parameter earned the trust of Tier One multinational merchants and banks because we could do what larger, more established fraud detection vendors could not—accurately detect large amounts of fraud from diverse attack types while increasing revenue, reducing headcount-related expenses, and preserving the customer experience. The majority of our clients are complex, multi-national corporations—a demanding group that continues to shape our product capabilities, our service and support models, and our corporate culture.

41st Parameter’s approach to fraud detection for merchants provides material contributions to the operating plans by not only slashing fraud-related chargebacks, but also simultaneously reducing operational expenses by an average of 35% and improving revenue leakage by eliminating auto-reject of transactions—an industry-wide problem that cancels an average of 7% of all sales, many in error.

41st Parameter has a proven track record for providing merchants with:

  • Rapid time to production and an average ROI within 6 months
  • The industry’s highest possible detection rates coupled with the lowest review rates
  • Improved revenue yield with diminished attack rates