Fraud Prevention Solutions

As the leading provider of dedicated fraud prevention solutions, 41st Parameter’s best practices methodology and patented technologies are responsible for dramatic reductions in fraud losses and subsequent declining attack rates at some of the largest institutions in e-commerce, financial services, and travel services.

Proof of the efficacy and robustness of the solutions are:

  • $25 trillion in e-commerce orders and financial services transactions scored for risk
  • 500 million transactions processed each month and handles volumes greater than 8 million/day
  • PCI Certified as a Level 1 Service Provider and ISO-27000, SAS-70 and Safe Harbour Compliant
  • 600 million devices detected by our patented tagless device identification technology captures no PII

Because of 41st Parameter’s deep experience as fraud practitioners and our track record of success at the leading online businesses, we are confident we will produce superior fraud reduction results for your business. Through a combination of best practices, leading technology and exceptional customer service, our innovative solutions provide an unprecedented level of Internet security, decrease the anonymity of the Internet and help you gain valuable insight into every online transaction and customer interaction. We make the process of preventing and detecting fraud easier and more effective, reducing potential losses and operating costs without hindering sales.