Complex Device Recognition

41st Parameter’s DeviceInsight is the core device identification (ID) technology built into all FraudNet solutions: FraudNet for Transactions, FraudNet for Account Opening and FraudNet for Account Takeover.

With over 8 years of development, 41st Parameter’s deviceID technology is the most robust and accurate offering on the market today—providing far more than just identification, but rather, true device intelligence. Unlike other solutions on the market, DeviceInsight is not an OEM from a third party; it is the intellectual property of 41st Parameter.

41st Parameter device identification is completely covert, requiring no downloads or changes in user-behavior. Unlike other systems that rely on cookies, flash-shared objects, or other forms of tagging to identify a device, DeviceInsight requires nothing from customers.

41st Parameter’s DeviceInsight is proven to be significantly more accurate than the approaches implemented by others. The technology covertly collects over 100 unique device parameters and additionally manufactures a patented, time differential value. The combination of DeviceInsight and TDL™ (Time-Differential Linking) has been proven in large-scale merchants, airlines and financial institutions to accurately and with a high degree of granularity, quickly identify devices perpetrating fraud.