Mobile Fraud Prevention

In a world where people are increasingly reliant on a variety of internet-connected devices for everything from banking to booking travel to shopping – detecting and preventing online fraud are constant and complex business challenges. With the rapid rise in the use of mobile devices and the ever-increasing sophistication of fraud attacks, it is more important than ever for businesses to recognize their good customers, and to keep them protected.

The mobile channel is growing at an unprecedented rate. While this is good news for some, the anonymity and privacy regulations associated with mobile devices can make accurate fraud prevention and detection extremely difficult. In order to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters, it is critical to utilize all available data from each transaction to determine the validity of the transaction. It is imperative to have visibility into all devices visiting a website – PCs, tablets, iPhones and Androids, game consoles and even Internet-connected set-top boxes and kitchen appliances.

41st Parameter’s patented and proven capabilities provide the intelligence needed to identify any device visiting your site without the use of any tags or Flash objects; allowing you to instantly recognize your legitimate customers.